Online Courses

As an alternative to face-to-face instruction, in an online course, students interact with their instructor and other students through a course site in the myTulane system. More specifically, each myTulane course site includes course materials and assignments as well as discussion forums and other interactive and/or multi-media features. Also, within the timeframe specified by your instructor, you can complete your course work at your own pace and during hours of the day you find to be the most productive and/or convenient.

Online Learning Advantages and Challenges

Online course have many benefits, particularly for students who are looking to add a class to a tight school/home/work schedule. However, before you sign up for an online course, ask yourself if you're going to enjoy this format for learning. In particular, you must be a self-starter when it comes to working through the course assignments and meeting the assignment deadlines and/or taking tests. Further, you need to be comfortable with working with your computer, sending email, reading on the monitor, navigating web sites, etc.

Do not take an online course to "learn to use" the computer, or you may be quickly overwhelmed. Also, since writing takes the place of classroom discussion and student questions, you may find an online course requires more time and work than its in-class equivalent.

How to Register for an Online Course

Register for an online course in the same way you register for a face-to-face course. More specifically, see the Tulane Schedule of Classes to locate the online courses offered (by clicking the search box next to “Online Courses Only” or noting a section number = 10).

NOTE: Unless a specific meeting time for an online course is listed in the Schedule of Classes, the online course is asynchronous or does not meet at a regularly scheduled time.

How to Begin an Online Course

Once you are registered for an online course, you will be provided with access to the myTulane course site for the class on or before the first day of classes. The myTulane system uses the same user ID and password as your Tulane e-mail account. Also, please keep in mind that you must use your Tulane e-mail account to keep up with announcements and correspondences from your instructor as well as to write to your instructor any time you have a question or concern.

If you have any difficulty logging into the myTulane system, contact the Help Desk at (504) 862-8888.

Although the School of Continuing Studies offers a variety of online classes, no undergraduate degree can be completed entirely online.

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