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designated writing courses

All SCS students are advised that upon completing the mandatory first-year writing course ENGL 1010, you must also complete at least one upper level writing course. Such a course that involves writing as its main subject is either one of the intensive writing courses like ENLS/CSEN 2630 (Expository Writing) and ENLS 3650 (Persuasive Writing) or a writing course offered within a specific discipline like CSEN 3310 (Business Report Writing).

In addition to the intensive writing courses, SCS offers additional opportunities for sharpening acquired writing skills in many specially designated courses taught in several disciplines. Because writing is an essential professional skill that requires constant practice in any area of specialty, these designated writing courses help you to

  • further your ability to learn through writing
  • practice how to conceive and organize your ideas in a coherent fashion
  • think critically
  • become self-reliant in composing and revising in the professional world and as citizens.

You can therefore also satisfy or improve upon the writing requirement by completing one of the designated writing courses listed in the chart below for the semester and section indicated and offered by select instructors only. Such courses are taught by seasoned faculty across disciplines who build additional writing activities into their existing course that is normally an elective or a required course.

You should always consult with your academic adviser first, before scheduling a class to fulfill the designated writing requirement as soon as the official schedule of classes is posted for each upcoming semester. Designated writing courses will be labeled as such under course notes shortly after the official schedule is published. The list below offers additional guidance for identifying designated writing courses. Only subsequently cancelled courses will be removed from this list once it is published.

For any questions about the designated writing courses that your adviser is unable to answer, please contact Sanda Spicmiler-Lewis, Academic Services Coordinator for Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), at

summer 2014

CPST 1400-10
CPST 3050-81
HISL 2770-01
SPEC 1400-81

fall 2014

CPST 1400-10
CPST 3050-81
CSEN 3010-81
CSHM 2010-81
HMLS 3150-81
HMLS 3500-81
SPEC 1400-02

spring 2015

CPST 1400-10
CPST 3050-81
CSEN 3010-81
ENLS 3013-05
HMLS 3150-81
HMLS 3700-01
HUMA 2010-81
SPEC 1400-82
SPEC 1400-83

summer 2015

CPST 1400-10
CPST 3050-81
HMLS 3700-01




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