Admission Process

The School of Continuing Studies has an “open” admission policy for undergraduate students, requiring graduation from high school or high school equivalency.

Graduate Program

If you are seeking admission to a graduate program, please refer to the requirements for the Master of Liberal Arts or the Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security or Computing Technologies.

Undergraduate Program

For undergraduate students, your first step is to submit an online application along with a non-refundable $25 processing fee. Depending on your admission status, please follow these guidelines for enrollment:

If you graduated from high school within the last two years and you have never attended a regionally accredited institution, you must submit your high school transcript (including graduation date) and ACT scores to your advisor before being allowed to register for classes. If you received an English score of 22 or above, you may register for ENGL 1010 (Writing). If you received less than a score of 22 on the English portion of the ACT or if you did not take the ACT, you must register for CSEN 1000 (Composition & Reading). If you are placed into CSEN 1000 (Composition & Reading), you may enroll in no more than one additional class during your first semester.

If you graduated from high school more than two years ago, you must meet with an academic advisor before being allowed to register. You must also submit your high school diploma or equivalent within 45 days of the start of your first semester of enrollment. If we do not receive your diploma within 45 days, you may not register for subsequent semesters.

If you previously attended a regionally accredited institution, you must request that each college send an official transcript directly to SCS. If you were placed on probation at your previous institution, you will enter SCS on probation, and you may enroll in no more than 7 credits while you are on probation.

Please send all documentation to the following address:

Tulane University
School of Continuing Studies
125 Gibson Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118-5698

Earn credits from life experience

Students enrolled in the School of Continuing Studies may receive up to 24 credits by successfully testing out of courses through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DSST (DANTES Defense Activity for Non-traditional Support Subject Standardized Test). Credit earned through CLEP, DSST, or any other non-standard academic work does not count toward the School's residency requirement.

For students who want help in preparing for the examinations, The College Network™ offers online Comprehensive Learning Modules. The learning modules are written by tenured professors from highly-ranked colleges and universities.

To find out more about how The College Network™ can help you successfully pass these examinations, visit

Students interested in taking any of these examinations must contact their academic adviser for information regarding times, dates, and specific tests to be taken. CLEP test centers in New Orleans include Delgado Community College the University of New Orleans. CLEP test centers in Mississippi include Jackson State and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.


  • POLA 2100 American Government
  • CHEM 1070 General Chemistry I
  • MATH 1210 Calculus I
  • PSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCI 2010 Foundations of Sociology
  • BSAC 1120 Elementary Accounting
  • BSBL 3400 Legal Aspects of Business
  • CPST 1200 Fundamentals of IS/IT
  • CSHM 2010 Humanities
  • CSHS 1010 Western Civilization I
  • CSHS 1020 Western Civilization II
  • CSNA 2010 Natural Sciences
  • BSMT 2310 Principles of Management
  • BSMK 3200 Introduction to Marketing Principles


  • MATH 1110 Statistics
  • EENS 1110 Physical Geology
  • WLHP 1800 Fundamentals of Health
  • CSRL 3330 Introduction to World Religions
  • SPEC 1400 Persuasive Public Speaking
  • BSFN 2210 Introduction to Finance
  • BSFN 3310 Money and Banking
  • HRDV 3330 Introduction to Human Resources
  • BSMT 3340 Organizational Behavior

CLEP/DSST credits may be transferred from other accredited institutions if they fulfill the requirements outlined above. For an overview of material covered on CLEP or DSST exams, as well as testing locations and other details, click here (for CLEP) or click here (for DSST).

NOTE: Credits awarded through CLEP/DSST or other testing may not be transferable to other Tulane divisions.

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